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Learning new skills by doing
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English Tutoring

With our simple pricing structure, you know what you get when you sign up for a course at Education Assembly. Whether you want to join group English classes with students from different cultures, or you want an individualised learning path, we make online English language tuition accessible to everyone.

Education & Advice

Our philosophy of quality education and advice from a range of experts.

Practice exams

Build confidence while preparing for the actual exam to help you hone your skills, timing and confidence. We focus on your target areas with adaptive learning whether General or Academic.Prepare for the actual exam with realistic exam practice tests.The more tests you take the more you become prepared.

Migration Application & Advice

we are working with Australian migration experts and can offer help processing all visa applications.

Our Courses will include

We aim to help students learn faster and better. We are designing our platform based on proven teaching methods.

Student support

Student support to answer your question when you are stuck


Courses can be for beginners as well intermediate and advanced users.

Immersive Learning

Learn with a dynamic stream of interactive excercises, quick lectures and self-assessment quizzes.


Anyone with an expertise can teach, Maybe you?.


Courses can be for beginners as well intermediate and advanced users.

Course skills

Courses can vary from English languages to lessons in programming

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